Fiberglass Kinntted Alkali Proofing Mesh Fabric

Fiberglass Kinntted Alkali Proofing Mesh Fabric

Product Description

Fiberglass Kinntted Alkali proofing mesh fabric is made of non-alkali fiberglass yarn (main ingredient is silicate with good chemical stability) by special framework, and with following-process of alkali resistant liquid, intensifier chemicals under high temperature heat treatment.

Main performance, characteristics:
1) Good chemical stability, resisting of alkali, acid, water, cement soakage and other chemical corrosion, strong feltness with rosin and easy melting in styrene;
2) High strength, high module and light weight;
3) Good size stability, rigidity flat, hard to shrink and deform, excellent orientation;
4) Good impact resistant (for its high intensity and good toughness);
5) Mildew and insect resistant; 6). Fireproof, temperature preservation, sound isolation, insulation.

Main application: It is widely used in:
1) Strengthening material for wall (e. G. Fiberglass mesh fabric for wall\GRC wallboard, ESP internal and external temperature preservation penal, etc. );
2) Strengthening cement products (e. G. Rome beam, tunnel, etc. )
3) Granite, back-glue net for marble
4) Waterproof wrapped cloth, waterproof for pitch house;
5) Strengthening framework material of plastic and rubber products;
6) Fireproof broad;
7) Basal cloth of sharpener
8) Clay-using grid bar of highway surface;
9) Drywell joint tape.

Main specification: 16 meshes, 14 meshes, 12 meshes, 10 meshes, 9 meshes, 6 meshes, 5 meshes, 3 meshes, 2.5 meshes, 1 mesh, etc.

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