Product Description

Tongmao™ Chain Saw Protective Trousers & Bib-pants and Cut-retardant material is a high-tech fabric of polyester, kevlar, polyester and polypropylene fibers. The special structure of the fabric makes it easy for the saw chain to pull and to draw the fibers into the chain saw. Each fiber is built up of a lot of fine filaments to fill the moving parts of the chain saw chain.

It is very important how the layers of the fabric are designed and sewn to form a protective pad and how the protective pads are sewn into the pants, chaps or leggings. Incorrect sewing of the fabric may bind it too hard to the garment and make it difficult for the chain to pull the fibers.

If a running chain saw chain comes in contact with the Tongmao™ Jamming protective materials, the fibers and their filaments are pulled and drawn by the ehain into the chain saw and the fibers and their filaments will jam and clog the drive sprocket.

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